Monday, June 29, 2009

End of preschool

I am catching up a bit here before we go on vacation. Here is SM on his last school day. they had a Japanese celebration. He has learned so much this year and he is missing school! I hope we can work something out for him next year. I am a huge fan now of Montessori and will hopefully continue him on that path.

Family Fun Day at Centennial Olympic Park

Though we have lived here a long time, we have never played in the fountain rings at the park. So since they were having Family Day (last Sat of the month, lots of free craft booth for the kids, we are for sure going next month, you should come) we packed some lunches and headed out. I wish I would have worn my suit. It was HOT!
SM couldn't get enough or running around in the water.

GJ was happier on the sidelines, not too happy about the whole "wet." He does love the pool though.
And there were free Georgia peaches for all.

6 Years

I so love being married to my sweet husband. Life has had its ups and downs, but I am so glad we got married, we compliment each other so well (another way of saying we are quite opposite!)
We actually got to go on a date this weekend. Hopefully we have more of those to come.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Birthday

He's 4! Lisa made him an awesome rocket cake, complete with fire coming out the back.

He has to have his own cape of course.We sure love our SM. He is a little crazy and rarely goes to bed when I ask, but very entertaining. Time sure goes by fast.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooray! Hooray!

Today was quite a day at our house! First off, let me introduce you to Dr. Denison (yes, now I can say I am married to a Dr.) He had his defense this morning and it went very well and they signed his paper and hallelujah. He does have to do one more experiment, but its so little compared with the last 6 years. Now its to finish up his summer internship and find a job!

Next, we longer have a baby. GJ officially turned two today.
I made him an awesome superhero cape.
He is still learning how to fly.
He had a nice applesauce cake (no eggs of course) that he was very happy about.
But mostly ate the frosting, but his skin didn't break out. Maybe no more milk allergy? (I'm not convinced yet, we go to the allergist next week for annual testing)
And I appliqued and big 2 on his shirt just in case you forget how old he is.
So relieved today is over with. Lots of running around and baking and sewing and presenting and now we can all go to bed early!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello, Beautiful(s).

I love this time of year! Please indulge me as I toot my garden horn.
I couldn't pick my favorite, I just am too excited this year. Here is my first pepper (ever, I have never grown them before) I hope he gets huge and juicy and red! The kids love peppers! This will for sure save us some money. The twins. Come on girls, think big and red! I went from 2 to 6 tomato plants this year, you can never have enough tomatoes.
I just can't explain how much I prefer fresh to cooked veggies. I only ended up with a couple bean plants as I think the squirrels got my seeds and the rabbits finished off my seedling leaves. But I enjoyed this handful of green goodness tonight (trying to even out the chocolate pie I ate throughout the day)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm swimming!

He wasn't really even close to swimming, but he thought he was. He was a crack up and excited throughout the entire lesson. He is supposed to be lying on his back. Not even close.
But he sure is cute.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Picnic Saturday

Sat was a nice day. I love that the weather isn't too hot like it normally is this time of year. I got up and ran 4.5 miles and then went grocery shopping alone (so much faster!). Then we played and made a picnic. Tad is busy finishing up his paper, so we opted for the backyard, and a nice shady spot. I love my cute boys.