Monday, October 29, 2007

Is it really Monday again?

Friday we had a party at the boys school, SM kept his costume on for about a full 15 minutes. Not bad. We painted a pumpkin with glue and glitter and ate a lot of pizza and food. I forget how much I love pumpkin pie. Sat Tad was at school all day and I did my best to be supportive, but you can all guess how that went. We ended up going to the trunk or treat alone. We start off with a fun carnival and that was fun. I made grandpa's homemade rootbeer, thanks to Linny. The kids sure like it when the dry ice makes smoke everywhere. Of course the camera was forgotten, so I had no pictures so if anyone else happened to take any of my peeps, feel free to email them to me. SM didn't want his monkey, so he wore the shark again. He is silly. He ended up with Mary's extra fireman hat and wore that and danced for everyone during cleanup. He has been wearing the hat ever since every time we get in the car. GJ wore SM's old dinosaurs nana bought. It was a really fun party, though hard with two kids. Tad got there just as we were going outside so he got to take him around and get candy for us. Is it wrong to steal candy from your kids? I don't think so.
I do love Sundays though. It was a good week, though we are still having some reverence issues, but he's two so I just let him. Naps for both kids happened, but of course right when I go to lay down, someone wants to eat. The second he finishes and falls asleep, the other one wakes up. One day we will have them both coordinated and we will all sleep! The missionaries came over for dinner, and we had chicken wraps. Yum, so good. SM was so sad when they left, he loves missionaries. He was even good though and held GJ for a picture, he getting to be a better brother everyday.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can I have some sleep, please?

Countdown: Just 2 weeks till Shell and Ryan come! This was from exactly a year ago.
So SM has always been great at bedtime. We have a pretty easy routine and after the story and prayers, he will usually crawl in by himself and we don't here a peep till morning. For reasons unbeknown to us, for the last week he has been screaming. He will use anything he can. "I have to go potty," "Open the door, mama," (imagine that in the saddest voice possible), "I need to put it away," "Please, Daddy." It breaks my heart so we have either been camping out on the floor or I usually let him in our bed. We aren't too fond on that though, so after talking to JuJu, she said just let him cry. Last night he went for a half an hour and I finally open the door to him with his arm hanging out the neck hole of his jammies, and naked from the waste down. After a fruitless trip to the bathroom, I got him to lay down and just left his door open a few inches and he went to sleep. I hope its that easy tonight. I closed his door before we went to bed and just after 3am he woke up, but I just left his door open a little and he was fine till 8am. Then he really did go potty. Good job! I love not changing poopy diapers! But any other suggestions on how to calm a 2 year old at night will gladly be accepted.
So I have a lot of time off and Christmas as does Tad, but its too $$ to fly home, anyone have any good suggestions of places to go for fun within driving distance? We did Chattanooga last year and had a great time.
My camera is broken so you'll have to settle for old pictures. Sorry.

Monday, October 22, 2007

On your marks, Get set...

So I have been getting up early twice a week to go running with a couple girls in the ward (the more the merrier, come join us!), its been such a good motivation to go with other people. Even with the treadmill its hard to get myself going, and if I am going over a mile, I really do prefer to be outside now. Today it was raining and it was such a fun run, though by the end I was very wet!
But we have been trying to work up to a little 5K and Saturday we did the Peachtree City Classic. It was so fun, I am not a fast runner, but my goal was to run the whole way and I did! We are doing the next one Nov 17th (go to to sign up) so now I will try to shave down my time and then who knows, a half marathon...decathlon...iron man...
I am just glad we are doing it, I do love running and though its really hard to find time with such little peeps, I really enjoy it.
Here we are with our sweatshirts.
And of course I had to have a silly shot.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quarter Test

GJ failed the quarter test this morning. As you can see, there is about 1/4 of it still sticking out of his roll. We are going to have to continue to fatten him up.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday, Tuesday.

Here is the picture with the Polar Bear, SM was so excited, then got so scared and I had to get in there with him. Click here and enter code WC012VK0384. Like his mother, he is proving to be very un-photogenic lately.
And GJ turned 4 months yesterday. We don't go to the doctor for another couple weeks, so I am sure he will be very heavy by then. He is already fitting his 6-9month clothes. He is such a sweetie though and always gives me so many smiles. We are still up several times a night, but he still has some carryover from the bronchiolitis and continues to be stuffed up all the time so I can bear to let him cry at night. I am such a softie.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Coke Side of Life

So Tad's brother got here last night and we have been having a fun weekend! I went to enrichment this morning for Spa Day, it was really nice and relaxing and great food! Then I came home and we went to the World of Coke. It has been open for a while and I finally got to see if for the first time. And yes, its kind of one big commercial, but it was fun and we had a good time. Sawyer was pretty taken in by the Polar Bear until it was his turn to take his pictures and then he got pretty scared. But they had some cool stuff and I do like to see the old commercials. I missed the 3D movie, but I am sure I will be back. We then drove around campus, then saw the temple. Our camera is not working very well these days, but I am not ready to spend $$ on a new one yet. SM was very active all day got very little nap time, then was good at dinner. GJ was very good all day, but by the time we were sitting at the restaurant, he was ready to be home and we had to take turns eating and holding him. After Macaroni Grill, it was quick bath time and bedtime and then I sent the brothers to the grocery store so we have something to eat. Though I can't see we will be drinking any more pop anytime soon, we sure got our fill.
I just love this picture because you can see his dimple so well.
Doesn't he look just like a cabbage patch doll?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nana is coming

I can't find the camera so I haven't taken any new pictures lately so I don't have a lot to post about. So Tad takes off to TX in a couple weeks and Nana is finally coming. We are getting very excited. I am mostly glad I won't have to be left alone with two kids. Plus GJ finally gets to meet his Nana. Here is a picture of the last time she came out and SM was only 2 weeks old. (She did stop by briefly after Lisa's wedding, but I'm not counting that) He was so tiny back then (that didn't last long). She is coming the first weekend in Nov and then my sister is coming down the next weekend so we can all play together. Plus Tad's brother is coming this weekend too, so we are getting spoiled with lots of family! Hopefully we can come up with some fun things to do. Too bad summer is over and its finally cooling off (read that with lots of sarcasm please).

Thursday, October 4, 2007

No Snow

So they were going to have this huge snow mountain at Stone mountain and I was so excited to be able to play in the snow. When we were growing up, every year we would have a youth trip to Mt. Ranier and sled (Rushell, I always remember the one where you almost broke your leg!!) and had hot chocolate and a wonderful time. That of course led to our unforgettable snow camping trips (yes, I have slept in a snow cave).
So now its canceled. I am very torn and as super conservationist, I admit it was a HUGE waste of water and its probably a good thing they aren't going to do it, but it was going to be so much fun! We are in such a drought they, they have asked us to take shorter showers.
So my sister and her 3 year old are coming, any other ideas for fun things to do in Atlanta?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa are on a mission in Canada and SM likes to talk about them all the time.

So since you can't come visit, he just wanted to say hello. We are so glad you are able to serve and pray for you often. We hope you are feeling well and getting ready for the winter! We wish we could come visit you.