Sunday, September 27, 2009

We are here!

No pictures, I am bumming off a wireless signal we are faintly picking up, I just wanted to give an update, more for my online journal, so feel free to skip this if you get bored.
We had some wonderful people show up and help us load up our moving truck. The next day, several wonderful women showed up as well to clean my house. By 4pm, we were ready to go. We were going to go to TX, but with all the flash floods, changed plans and ended up in Lexington, KY that first night at Tad's brothers. We then drove past St. Louis and stayed and swam. The next day we drove out through Kansas (not much to note). More swimming and free breakfast, it was nice. We then went to Libery Jail and then Independence, MO. It was fun and a good break for the kids. Then we went to Denver (WY was the most boring part for me...)and stayed with my first missionary comp in Argentina, (she is the best) who took good care of us. Then one last day to G and G's house where we stayed for almost a week waiting for the truck. It finally came last Thursday, we unloaded with more help of the other Denison's and strangers. Can I say how blessed we have been in the last two weeks for people helping us move and clean and feeding us, etc? Too much for me to count. I am so grateful, moving is so stressful! We had been driving back and forth and hour to SLC everyday to take SM to preschool. Then G and G watched the kids all day while we unpacked Friday and we finally slept in our new place! Its not as big as the house, but are enjoying it so far and have 0ver half the boxes unpacked! Nice to be getting settled.
We'll see how this week goes with Tad starting work and maybe snow!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Savannah/Tybee Island

Since we have no time or money, we thought it would be fun to take a quick trip to the beach as we will be very far from any oceans.

GJ pointing out some of the benefits of a moat around Fort Pulaski to Tad.
SM LOVED jumping the waves with dad.
We forgot to take more pictures until we were walking back to the hotel.
Wind frizzed hair, don't I look hot?
At the fort again (sorry, too hard to download pictures in order) SM follwing the lines of the canons on the floor.
Locked up in jail. Some confederates may have been in this very cell after the Union took it over. Pretty sneaky.

We had a great trip, wish we had more time, but now on to packing.