Friday, October 31, 2008

The Saddest Shark

Happy Halloween!Well Annie was right. They put a cast on my baby anyway saying he could have a special kind of fracture. We went to the orthopedist yesterday and they said he needed one and gave me about 30 seconds to take all that in and decide on a color. He has not been too keen on it, but I am hoping he will adjust more everyday, and it is only for 3 weeks, so hopefully we can make it.
He didn't have the best time trick or treating and was not too keen on posing, but oh well.

SM smiling so hard it looks like it hurts.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ward Fall Fest and Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was a busy one, we had my sister down, so it was fun to hang out with all 3 sisters!
My little monkey!SM the Builder, Can you fix it?

painted face (that lasted like an hour)
Standing up all by myself checking out the turkeys and chickens
mmmm, funnel cake
happy sister, not so happy kids
this is the one, mama
he loved the animals, though they scared him
but who doesn't like a nice sheep (or goat, Shawn)

Monday, October 27, 2008

He's up, up, up- and now he's down.

GJ has taken his time, but this weekend he took a couple steps and then Sunday, motivated by Dez (or jealous) he took several steps outside at chruch and then more inside and later at home he took over 10 by himself. Hooray, we have a walker!
But then later that afternoon we went to the park and he kind of jammed his foot going down the slide with SM. I didn't think much of, but he continued to cry for the next 20 minutes and then any time he moved it at all (and he is not a big crier, especially when I am holding him). He slept okay, but was still not putting weight on it this morning, so we went to the doctor, who thought it might be broken so he sent us to the hospital to get some X-rays. Luckily they came out negative, so now if he is not walking again by Wednesday we are going back, but I am not sure what they can do at this point, but I really doubt its going to get better that fast. Poor kid, he was so close, and now he won't be walking for a while!
So I am stuck at the hospital for like 3 hours while we are doing all this so I call Tad and ask him to pick up SM from preschool, and he finally makes time and then gets to his car and realizes no car seat. Luckily Matt was able to go get him. And the day is half over, what else could happen? SM did take a miracle 3 hour nap.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008


Tad and I actually went out on a date. Alone. How nice. We saw Wicked downtown at the Fox and enjoyed it thoroughly and I didn't worry once about the peeps.

Boy after my own Heart

Friday, October 10, 2008


I know, its October. Its now officially fall, but I planted a bit late. Ike almost toppled my plants and they were bent and sideways for a couple weeks till I got better stakes that Matt put in. All of that worry for just a few fruits, but I am really attached to my plants. I can't tell you how much I love fresh tomatoes. I hope I can get a few more before it gets too cold. A small harvest, but worth every bite. SM wants to go pick them the second they turn pink and he was so proud when he came inside with one and ate it!

Monday, October 6, 2008


This weekend we went down to the Florida coast to visit JJ and Steph and check out their new place. Its so nice to have relatives who live by the beach! We loaded all 7 of us into the van and took off in the morning. We made it to Gainesville and Tad had a little tour of a company he has an interview with in two weeks. I wish we could have checked out the city a litte more, but we still had a lot more driving. We mostly hung out at the beach, ate ,played games and listened to a little conference. It was so relaxing! SM with a big hermit crab
GJ had an okay time. It was so hard to rub your eyes with sand in them and then have sand on your hands and it was a continual circle of discomfort. He did like playing in the sand and water though, some of the time.
but only if he was in the mood.
We made a big turtle. Swimming in the Gulf.

We played a lot of Rock Band, and a little Guitar Hero. Its very hard, but way fun, I got addicted, so feel free to invite me over if you have it!
the extended fam
our peeps
We were very worried about the car ride home, but we only made two stops and there was very little crying, so overall, it was a great trip and we plan to go back soon!