Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I know you shouldn't compare your kids...

...but one is SM and the other is GJ. I still swear they are practically twins. Can you guess which is which?

What a face

Isn't he cute? He is such a good baby. Its so easy to make him smile, I can't wait till he starts laughing! Here is the view from my 12th floor office. You can see the Georgia Dome way off to the left. I like to watch the trains. I'm in the glass looking building just left of the big corporate towner. Not the exciting part of town and no tall buildings on this side, but I can't complain. I have another week or two downtown and then its back to working from home, I have mixed feelings about it. We had a meeting all day long today which was rather boring as it didn't really directly apply to me, but they had all sorts of new drinks. I do love Fuse and VitaminWater and Dasani Plus are pretty good. And I guess while I was gone we took on V8 as well. I don't care too much for pop so I am glad we have all of these new kinds of drinks.
So Tuesday Tad has an evening class so I am on my own. He had his first one today followed by a smooze party to meet everyone in the TIGER program with him. We are glad he got into the program as its more money (well it couldn't be less than what they pay grad students!!) but hopefully its not a lot more work. They pair him with and MBA student and two law students from Emory and they work together for the next two years. If he had a better project, they would be able to patent it and make us millions, but we'll see how it really goes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Next time, check the tag

Mary had given us this little cute outfit for GJ that Frankie was too big for. It was 3-6 months size, so I didn't think he would wear it before it got cooler, but since he is so big, it fits just right and will probably be too small before the end of summer. He had worn that earlier in the week and it was still laying out right about where I had laid out SM's clothes for Tad to get him dressed one morning while I got GJ ready. I was on the other side of the house when I hear Tad ask if SM's clothes are supposed to be able to snap up. Since I had given him a t-shirt and shorts, I was confused as there were no snaps with those. I walk over to him and see SM dressed like a wrestler. Tad had stuffed my 2 year old into these baby clothes. We had a good laugh, but decided he couldn't quite pull it off.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If Only...

If only I could sleep so soundly and for over 12 hours a day. I know what you are thinking, does that baby still fit in the bassinet? Well I think he can go a few more weeks. He is still a little baby to me.
It's 8:30 and I think I am going to go to bed. I would do the dishes, but Tad hasn't unloaded the dishwasher and its his job, so I can't load it, which makes cleaning the kitchen pretty much impossible. I have decided its not that important anyway. Do you ever get to that point?
So SM needed to take a bath tonight. I got him in the tub and took to nursing the baby on the bathroom stool, who kept being indecisive about whether he really wanted to eat or not. He finally gets latched on and down to business and SM decided he's done with the bath and ignores my suggestions that he put the plug back in. Then I learn he can actually get out of the tub by himself. He ran around naked for a bit till GJ finished and then we had a quick shower so he could actually use some soap. Because he can put on his own pull-up, he tried to get a diaper on himself, but was unsuccessful, but made me smile. Then all three of us got in the rocking chair and read books and sang night time songs till the baby fell asleep and SM told me to turn off the light, meaning he was ready to sleep too. He is so easy to put to bed, I am grateful. We had a fun night while daddy was out home teaching, so I will just eat a brownie and go to sleep, why ruin it with cleaning? There is always tomorrow.
So I am back to work at the great and abominable and even though I miss my sweeties, I do enjoy being back on a schedule and working. I am helping out the finance department downtown for a few weeks so I am learning a lot of good stuff and drinking a lot of Black Cherry Fresca, my favorite. Its right next to GaTech campus where daycare and Tad are so we all carpool and I get to go nurse GJ on my lunch break everyday, which I love. In a few weeks though I will be back to working from home, so that will be nice too, as I don't have to worry about dressing up everyday. I miss playgroup and still dream about starting a joy school, but for now I have decided to be happy today and it will all work out.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tipping the scale

So the results are in, GJ is officially 15lbs! That is over the 95th %tile. Doctor says he is very healthy though so no need for concern. He will probably get bigger before he evens out. I love chubby babies though, he is so cute! I don't know where its coming from though, the weight is certainly not coming off me.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Well I have been trying for a while to actually capture it on film. He has been smiling for a while but I can't ever catch it when the camera comes out. He opens his mouth really big and he has the cutest dimple on his right cheek. These pictures don't do him justice though, more smirks than smiles, but imagine him doing it right afterwards! And of course after leaving SM alone for 2 minutes, I come back and he had lotion all over his face, shorts, and for that extra smooth scalp, his hair.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Chubby Cheeks

On our scale, he is showing over 12 lbs, but we don't go to the doctor for our 2 month check up for over a week.
SM trying to eat his belly because Lisa and Tad always eat his. He doesn't look to thrilled.
He is a very good baby though.
And thinks he can hold his head up already.
SM keeps me laughing. He repeats everything I say. If I ask him any questions, he always repeats it before giving the reply. Whenever the phone rings, he runs over to it yelling Grandma and Grandpa no matter who it is. And he constantly has his fake phone and is talking to them all the time. He stole Tad's mp3 player and likes to listen to music, though he kept putting it down his shirt instead of in his pocket. Then he headbangs to all the songs and claps after they end. He is also the first to inform me whenever GJ is crying and tries to pat his tummy to make him feel better.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

5 Things

So Jan tagged me to do this in June, it has only taken two months. That is typical of me, but here I go.

What was I doing ten years ago?
I was at my first summer semester at BYU, I had just graduated high school. (wow, can you believe it, ten years! No, I'm not going to the reunion.) I was living in DT with Liz Flannigan. She was one of those "Bless her heart" (as we say in the south) roommates. She was 1 of 13 brothers and sisters. Only at BYU. I was majoring in Statistics and had gone from being a petite cheerleader in high school, to gaining not 15, but the freshman 25 lbs and struggling to find my place in such a big school. Its wasn't Fede anymore, that's for sure.

What was I doing one year ago?
I was working for Coke and enjoying SM being one. We had just bought our house and were trying to get in ready to live in it.

Five snacks I enjoy:
Nutter Butters
Cheesecake (that can be a snack)
fresh raspberries
Fruit shake

Five songs I know all the words to:
Intergalactic-Beastie Boys
Sound of Silence-Simon and Garfunkel
The Farmer and the Dell
There Was an Old Lady
Rainbow Connection-Kermit

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Buy a nice house in Philomath
Buy nice houses for my family members
Visit Costa Rica
Start a school in Puerto Rico
Get a farm with horses, chickens and of course goats

Five things I like doing:
Going to the beach
Holding my babies
Going to Disneyland with my sisters
Playing with SM
Playing Ultimate Frisbee

Five things I will NEVER wear again:
Ice hockey goalie gear
a size 0
I can't think of anything else

Five of my bad habits:
eating ice cream (everyday)
making Tad look after the kids at any social gathering
getting cranky when I'm tired
not folding laundry in a timely manner
talking on my cell phone while driving

That's it for me. Tara and Rushell, its your turn!