Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too Short

Last Thursday, Brother happened to be passing through town so I got to see him quickly at Cabela's as he got the remaining items for his hunting trip. He has lost a lot of weight since the reunion and its always nice to joke with him. The next day Shelly flew in from dulles and her and I drove up to Star, ID where we picked up Karli for my Aunt's funeral. It was a fun/sad weekend with extended family. 

 Shelly came back with me Sunday and Linny, Matt and Lincoln came over for dinner and a game of Settlers (which if I recall, I won). The next day we all went to breakfast (minus my kids at school, so nice to go out without having to worry about the kids!!) Then everyone left. Its always a sad day when the sisters leave, Linny left two days later to go to Nana's for Thanksgiving and I am a bit jealous.
Luckily I got some pink fabric in the mail that day to cheer me up. Busy, busy planning some girly quilts for little Matilda! (no, that is not her name, just what I call her, like I called GJ Grover. Please leave some name choices if you have some great ones though, more specifically I am looking for a 2 syllable middle name)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


In case you don't live close and haven't noticed my sudden weight gain, we are expecting baby #3 in March and are clueless as to what we are going to do with a girl. Though SM is disappointed he will not have another brother, I think he will eventually come around, even though he does not like girls. GJ of course is still oblivious. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Saying Good-bye to the Sun

Looks like this was our last week of nice weather! We haven't been up to much:

Being silly. Never tire of running in circles while daddy plays. 

 I have been finishing up a baby quilt. This was my fake string quilt. 
 I love the back!! I was going to go plain, but decided I need to do some real string quilt blocks and I am so glad I did, I am so pleased with how it turned out. So crinkly and lovely when it came out of the drier, I hope baby Chayse loves it! 
 Playing at the park
My two sillies. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Eve

In our neighborhood,  we got to Trick or Treat Saturday instead of Sunday this year. We actually went up to G&G's house for the weekend so other than the rain it was a great weekend!

 My Walrus/Seal and Dragon. He would turn and show his wings if people called him a dinosaur, but they still didn't really get it. Oh well. 
 You can't tell so much, but it was raining pretty much the whole time. 
 By the end they were finally both saying "trick or treat" and thank you. A few times when GJ would forget, I would say "What do you say?" and he would say "Please" and help himself to a second piece of candy.

Last Game of the Season

I have to admit I am ready for a break till March, plus it is staring to get COLD! SM improved a lot. He had fun though and that is the point. He is the littlest one on his team, but he wasn't the worst! 

 Nothing like a cupcake at 10am in the morning. 

Halloween Parties

Friday was kind of a marathon going between both boys schools and such, but it was a fun day. SM had a huge parade (I mean every parent and grandparent were there, I had to park two blocks away, the place was packed) but it was a cute and the kids had fun. I then went to his party for a few minutes, helped glue on ghost eyes, and then went over to GJ's school.  

He had a very cute little program with lots of songs and then yummy cupcakes.

Not being my favorite holiday, I am glad for a break till next year from the candy and costumes!