Monday, January 25, 2010

not the scissors

I am really digging how it curls up over his ears, but husband says we need to cut it. Does he look too girly?

I apologize

I am sorry if this is turning into a sewing blog, I just like to document the stuff I am making. And maybe just show off a little.
But mostly to show you that even I, a beginning sewer, can make cool stuff, so you can too.
Here is my latest quilt top (I LOVE those little birdies!). I just bought the backing and brought it home and it didn't fit, so now it will sit unfinished for even longer. Too sad.

Friday, January 22, 2010


We had some cousins come visit from WA and I was so glad they were all such great friends! E and S even wanted to put on SM's pajamas so they could all be wearing jammies together. Even though E is just a day younger, S was the one who was SM's size (okay, he is taller and 15 months younger) and wanted to play pirates with him and SM was in heaven.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The boys built a snowman the other day in the backyard. I asked SM what he wanted to call him and he said, "Palkki." "Like Brenna Palkki?" "No, just Palkki." Okay

what to do...

I love not working. I am not as tired at the end of the day (though I am still tired, full time mom is by no means easy, don't get me wrong, its just a different kind of tired). So now I read a ton more and get to sew a lot. I just wish I could afford more fabric! Here are my latest projects:
Another Americana quilt, this time for Lisa.

some crochet baby shoes for Megan's baby, hopefully coming this Wed or sooner! Gives me hope that I won't always be the only girl in the house.

I bought this forever ago and cut it out with Lisa, but then with moving and life, I just found it and finished it in one night. Yay me! and it even has pockets.

Last but not least, a quick flower headband to match.
Too bad I am not so motivated to keep the house clean and fold laundry.


I just wanted to give you a visual. GJ didn't have much fun, but SM really did and rode for quite a while longer. Its nice when the ATV just pulls you around and you don't have to climb up hills. We stopped in Morgan as our friends were here visiting from Atlanta. Unfortunately (unbeknown to us all) poor Frankie was inside with broken leg. This is about 5 minutes after the incident.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Nice dinner and chocolate cake.
I think Macaroni Grill would go out of business if they offered GJ all you can eat spaghetti.
Thanks for always making me laugh.