Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally- my camera has come!

For some reason I can't get the pictures to download right, but I can at least hook up the camera and then copy the files over. Strange. Hopefully when I set up the new computer I won't have any issues. Tad got us a good deal on black Friday. But I love my new camera! Its very small, I just wish I was a better photographer.
Here is SM kissing George Washington. A boy after my own heart. I am teaching patriotism young. He gets the President mixed up with the prophet though, so we are still working on that.
And this is how you stuff a fat baby in a bumbo. He has to be wearing clothes as his skin prevents him from sliding in, but he fits VERY snug.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


So I would have to say our Thanksgiving was a success. I tend to get a little stressed when hosting things but this year I did really well. I really didn't do to much as food, just made a cherry pie (my fav) that morning, threw a ham in the oven later and then made some salads (one of which I made the missionaries make as they arrived early). Last year was way too crazy, and though I love to invite the entire world, I was somewhat relieved that several of our friends had other plans, so it was just 15 adults and their tow. We had some good food, two excellent turkeys and Heather made some fabulous rolls. I made Ashely Tanner's delish buttermilk salad and unfortunately, there was none left over for me. I think the best part was also starting at 3pm as all kids were napped and mostly happy and I had plenty of time to get ready, even with Tad going to school that morning to treat his cells (is there no such thing as vacation for a bio-engineering student?). I do wish we had a basement to let them all go play and it was very cold outside and we didn't last long out there. One day. Hopefully one day soon we will get to share Thanksgiving with family, but for now, I am so thankful for our GaTech and extended ward family. This was our 5th Turkey celebration and I am sad next year we will probably be the only ones left from the original year. So sorry, no pictures, but the camera is supposedly in the mail.

Next stop, I am in charge of the ward Christmas party. Any ideas? Program, no program? Food, Santa? I wish I had more time, next year I will really try to do a nativity, but it snuck up on me this year.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not quite a Turkey

More like a silly goose.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sweet Water Creek

We went to one of our favorite little hikes at Sweet Water. Its really close which means less than 10 minutes of driving, beautiful scenery, and all we can handle in a short afternoon after church. SM actually did okay, though extremely out of character he did ask to be
carried for some of it. His favorite activity was throwing rocks and sticks in the water. It was quite shocking though to be there and see how low the water was. You usually drive over this big bridge, but there was no water on either side. There usually isn't a 'beach' as the water would come right up to the edge of the forest, but there was huge dry patches where people were walking around where there used to be water. Very sad and it really hit me how bad this drought really is. You can't really tell in this last picture, but there is usually a little river here and the rocks are usually cover in water and make little rapids everywhere, but it was barely flowing. You can kind of see all the pretty colors though in the background. I can't believe how warm it was, I hope Thanksgiving will be so nice so the kids can be outside as I am anticipating a crazy house.

Spoiled by Nana

Aside from playing Sequence all weekend, we also got spoiled by Nana (finally). SM got a much belated birthday present of a big dump truck, most of his other cousins also have. He rides and pushes it around all over. It was a fun weekend! We wish we could have more visits down here in the South, but then I never can think of much to do and I usually just like to chill out at home and play games any way. We did have fun shopping though and eating at my favorite burger joint, 5 Guys.

Fun with friends and cousins!

So these are a little old, but I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of Nana and Jellybean's visit. SM sure had fun with his cousin.
The first day we went to playgroup and the park and had fun. I was really trying to wear them out so they would take good naps, which worked out pretty well. I was afraid RH would not go down in a strange place, but it was all good. As if that wasn't enough, we spent a lot of the time we were at home back out on the swings. I just love watching kids play and interact. SM is getting much better at it, he is still kind of a loaner, but I would say he does better now at having "friends." As much as a 2 year can have anyway.
The next day we went to the children's museum. They have lots of fun kids stuff, SM is always drawn to the balls, though he is just a little to small to really be able to manipulate them though. He did really like the painting though, playing in the water, and of course the truck. He loves to pretend he is driving and our usual battle in the car is me not letting him drive. Afterwards we went to Willy's where there happened to be some firemen eating. They got done about the same time as us and parked in the back lot by us so they let the boys climb on the truck, they had a blast.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Which one?

Update-so it looks like the Canon has one. Its in the mail, so I hope I like it!

So I have narrowed it down to two, sorry I took this down, but I did a little more research. Any opinions? Sony vs Canon? They are both free to me though my work points. I have a canon and I liked it till it decided to stop taking pictures, but we have used the same card for the last 3 years. My mum and JuJu have Sony's though, but they say the cards are $$. I decided I am just not advanced enough for an SLR camera at this point, maybe later if I ever take a photography class. So put your vote in!

Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W70

Canon Powershot SD850

Monday, November 12, 2007

Austin, TX

So WD wanted me to try to start blogging although it still is hard for me to sit and write my personal life onto this website, but everyone seems to be addicted to it so it must be fun. I guess it is like a virtual journal anyway, so here is one of my first entries on our blog (albeit very brief). I went to a conference in Austin Texas this week about mineralized tissues (bone and teeth) and had a good time. It was a pretty nice place and was warmer than Atlanta in November. My adviser made a connection for me to visit an orthopedic biotech company located there and that was a neat opportunity. It is still too early to try to get jobs for me, but I was trying to start some early networking. I'm not sure that we used to think of ourselves as Texas people but if the right job comes I could go lots of places I suppose. We'll have to see.

Above is the hat that I brought home to Sawyer from Texas ("Texas" is a mouthful for Sawyer to say, I guess he is still a little rough on his "X" pronunciation). Anyway, YEEHAW! Look at that smile.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fun with Nana

This is our new favorite song of the week. He usually sings more but of course once the camera comes out...

We are having all kinds of fun with Nana this week. GJ rolled over, we ran out of memory of course at the last minute when I tried to get a video. SM was so excited for him and wanted to play steamroller as well and got a little upset GJ wouldn't roll the entire room over. .
Here is baby Caleb, he is so cute and tiny. He was only 3lbs 6oz when he was born, but seems to be doing well. You have to do all this scrub in to go and see him, but it's worth it. Makes me want another baby...but not that bad, don't worry. I hope he gets to come home soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun time last night! Here is a picture from our ward party. Thanks Megan and Brenna for the pictures, my camera wasn't in the mood last night. Then last night we went to a neighborhood in our ward with some friends and got some more candy! I am actually getting to the point that it it too much. SM doesn't seem to be getting tired of it though, we try to just give him on piece everyday, but I still don't want him to expect candy everyday. He did a good job trick-or-treating and even said lots of thank you's. He got it much better than last year and didn't try to enter anyone's house this time. Then we went and had some hot chocolate and treats. It was such a nice evening though, I wore a short sleeve T-shirt. That is one of the many things I love about Atlanta! SM was actually glad to wear his monkey costume (his cousin Ethan in WA was the same thing). GJ had a good night, I just carried him in the sling in his jammies and put his costume on for pictures. What a nice mom. It was so warm and he didn't need any candy. We went to his 4 month check up this morning and he is 18lbs, 8oz. >95th %tile. Height was over 26 inches which was about 90%. He is so cuddly! He got 4 shots today though so hopefully he isn't a grouch all day!