Friday, May 28, 2010

Preschool Graduation

For some reason my camera battery won't charge, so I am left with the phone camera, sorry for the poor quality. Glad this was yesterday, we are stuck home today as SM has a fever of 100.

Dressed in the robes of the apostate priesthood, SM graduated yesterday.

He was so cute and I am so proud of him!
His teacher wrote him a special letter on how he has improved (attention span has come a long way) and he is such a great reader (not that I am comparing, but he is the best in his class) :)
The memorized a whole program of songs and poems and rhymes.
But my favorite was probably all the kids belting out the Star Spangled Banner (my favorite song).
He also took a soccer class this month so I could decide if he was ready for a team, which we are going to go ahead with and just hope. Sorry SM you didn't get a ton of jock genes from your parents.
He was one of the oldest though so at least he got some confidence and that is half the battle.
The hardest part of soccer is entertaining GJ who sometimes will sit if he can play with my camera phone. Aren't those the cutest chubby little feet?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This week...

...started off with snow, but is already improving and we got to play with friends outside. I am sad this is the last week of preschool. No break time for mama. I am trying to teach SM to ride a bike. Not going so well. Finally making some headway on Shelly's quilt. (SM's just has 3 sides of binding to go, pictures to come soon)
My new yellow shoes that make me happy for spring.

Went to the SLC Modern Quilt Guild meeting (I love it!) but all I really made this month was a much needed potholder.

And yummy sweet corn! Even the kids love it!
Hopefully we will go camping soon (any good suggestions for Utah camping?) I am so glad for warmer weather!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a little dirt

Today was finally warmer and GJ spent most of the afternoon digging in the dirt.
He also loves going to the children's museum and I think he still thinks the chickens are real. Won't he be surprised when we finally get a couple of our own girls?

We also went to an Emergency Prepare Fair a few weeks ago. It was so cool to see the helicopter land right in front of us (and breezy) and then the boys got to climb in. They were in heaven, as you can see.
So far May has been good, I have been working a few hours on quality assurance for the US Census and discovering more parks with the boys as its been getting warmer. I have not read or sewn very much and can't figure out what I will bring to my guild meeting as I have been so lazy, but I finally quilted SM's quilt and am now just waiting for the mailman to bring me the binding. Hopefully next month will be better, but with SM home all day and no preschool, my only hope is putting them to bed really early!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


After a week in WA, we drove down late at night to Oregon to visit my oldest sister, Karli.
They always have deer outside (everyone's gardens are surrounded by large fences!)
We went to the beach.
Rode the 4 wheelers
By far, GJ's new favorite activity. And he would get so mad when it wasn't his turn.
We went to the Newport Aquarium.
And had much nicer weather all week with lots of trampoline time and sun!


Linny and I had a great time driving to WA to visit my brother, sister, and Nana. We had so much fun with our cousins!
jumping with Uncle Shawny
Geocaching with Uncle Tom.
(I didn't realize what good uncles the kids have)
We had an uneventful trip and had lots of fun playing, sewing, teaching everyone to play Settlers, I for sure need to do this again soon.
3 boys in a tub. Shawn's bunny breeding experiment.
That is a lot of boys.
Miss you, Julie!

thanks, Julie

One of the highlights of going to WA is having my sister do my hair.