Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day Out with Thomas

We stopped by Chattanooga this weekend to visit Thomas the Tank Engine. SM loved every minute and won't stop talking about it and sleeps with his new Thomas train. They had lots of fun activities, mini-golf, Sir Topham Hat, tattoos, train tables, bubbles, bounce house, and a little animal farm. Even GJ had a good time. It rained a little, but overall it was a great afternoon and I wish we would have had a little more time. In other news, we came home tonight to a street full of cops with flashlights. Apparently some kind of drug bust and they ditched the drugs out the window, so cops were looking for the goods. I promise our street is relatively safe and this is really one of the last 'questionable' houses on the street, so hopefully that is the end of that.
Everyone is pretty much sick today, but I am by far the healthiest, so I have been trying to wipe noses, but its been hard with traveling and being so tired!
Also, Tad got put in as 2nd counselor today in the bishopric in our church. Kind of a shocker, but we'll see how it goes.


VirtualM said...

That train park looks awesome. I'm not 100% sure I understand the allure of Thomas, but hey, it beats Teletubbies hands down, any day.

Drug busts are no big deal, they happen all the time down here! :) At least the cops are bustin' 'em, that's what I say.

Good luck with the bishopric position, to both Tad and you!

jenny said...

that train park looks like every little boys dream. i love the picture of SM looking out the window. so cute. that is crazy about the drug bust. they happen around our house too. they must happen all over atlanta.
so, you need to post some pictures of the big run. congrats again on finishing.
also, tad will be great in the bishopric. we support him 100%

Heather said...

That Thomas outing looks like so much fun! What a great thing for the boys:-)

Tad will do a great job in the bishopric--best wishes to you both!

Jacki said...

1st part: FUN...
2nd Part: SCARY...
3rd part: WOW... and maybe a little scary! :^)! TAD will be great in the Bishopric!