Thursday, May 15, 2008

Race, Mother's Day, Brothers

We just can't seem to take a decent family picture with these to bugs.
Well its been a busy week! The Grandparents left, I had a nice mother's day. I know it sounds funny, but the highlight for me was making pancakes that all of us could eat for the very first time. The egg replacer works great in those and I can't wait to experiment in more recipes.
The 5K seemed so nice compared to 13 miles, that I loved it. Thanks for running with me, it was perfect weather and we got some great things afterwards. I love races and the freebies afterwards!
The boys are finally starting to get to the stage where they can play together. GJ is still a bit young, but he is copying more and more of what his brother does. He can walk now with his push toy, but I still think it will be a while before he can balance all that chub and get around on his own. Can't believe he is 11 months old!
I went and had lunch with SM today. He wasn't to thrilled about nuggets without ketchup, but he dipped them in his mashed potatoes, so it all worked out. He is kind of bossy though, he told another little girl, "Go wash your hands. Germs are not for sharing."


jenny said...

loved the pictures. you have such a cute little fam. i can't believe how old SM looked in the second picture. he was just a newborn when we moved here! crazy.
also, nice work running the 5K. you and mary rock.

Jacki said...

He is right! Toys are for sharing... Germs ARE NOT!!!

I love it!

Annie Gedge said...

Wow, GJ is starting to grow into his chub. Now that is a sad day! I will miss seeing that "big" baby rollin' around.

VirtualM said...

Yay thanks for running with me too! I especially loved the bagel afterwards with the ice cream bar chaser. :)

You make having two kids look easy. The other day I was about to swear off having any more, but it's nice to see that they actually can learn to play together.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Your boys are so cute. Isn't it nice when they start to entertain each other? Lucy and Andrew are starting to play together more. Granted, sometimes Lucy reverts to the hit-your-brother-in-the-head stage but at least she's trying ;)