Monday, August 25, 2008

Talent Show

We had a great show this year! Its so easy to put together a nice show when we have so many talented people. Most pictures are on facebook, but here is a small sampling. Bishop dancing with cane. Even though he is only 15, he sure is talented.
Jenny being nervous for no reason. She is AMAZING, singing and playing?!? My hero.
Tad playing a song he wrote. He is modest so he didn't mention that. Plus its still nameless. Great job honey! SM took the picture, so not the best.
He kept going back and forth about performing, but after seeing so many people up there, he sure wanted the microfone. He sang Grand Ol' Flag, and it wasn't his greatest rendition, but I was sure proud of him!
Me trying to move the show along. We did finish 1 minute before 8 o'clock and that was with an encore.
Mad skills, that is all I have to say. This is one of the 'band' and then Blake played a couple more songs. He had all the other parts programmed into his equipment from when he was in junior high. Amazing. Such an enjoyable evening and this year we had plenty of food, so I will deem it a great success!


brenna said...

What a great night--well done, Wendy.

VirtualM said...

It was a fun show - the kiddie mosh pit was possibly my favorite part!

jenny said...

that was a way fun night wendy, thanks for putting it all together! it was so fun to see everyone perform. i can't believe tad wrote that song, it was so good! i had no idea he could play like that. it is amazing to see what people can do. and thanks for the compliment, your so nice. i'm still recovering from the nerves!!

Jan said...

It was a great night. You did a great job. I wish I could have enjoyed it more, but my kids were more interested in the hall and running around.