Monday, October 6, 2008


This weekend we went down to the Florida coast to visit JJ and Steph and check out their new place. Its so nice to have relatives who live by the beach! We loaded all 7 of us into the van and took off in the morning. We made it to Gainesville and Tad had a little tour of a company he has an interview with in two weeks. I wish we could have checked out the city a litte more, but we still had a lot more driving. We mostly hung out at the beach, ate ,played games and listened to a little conference. It was so relaxing! SM with a big hermit crab
GJ had an okay time. It was so hard to rub your eyes with sand in them and then have sand on your hands and it was a continual circle of discomfort. He did like playing in the sand and water though, some of the time.
but only if he was in the mood.
We made a big turtle. Swimming in the Gulf.

We played a lot of Rock Band, and a little Guitar Hero. Its very hard, but way fun, I got addicted, so feel free to invite me over if you have it!
the extended fam
our peeps
We were very worried about the car ride home, but we only made two stops and there was very little crying, so overall, it was a great trip and we plan to go back soon!


zeeny said...

Sounds like fun!! I could use some beach weather here. I guess I'll enjoy the fall days while I can!!

Kelly McPherson said...

Oh man, I want to go to the beach and play guitar hero/rock band. That game is so much fun, but I always feel like a dork. You do not look dorky at all. Nicely done!

Julie said...

Ohh, I'm jealous! I haven't been to the beach since we moved to the east! Someday I suppose! Miss you guys!

jenny said...

looks like a great trip. love the picture of gj sitting in the water, that face is killing me. glad you could get away, that is always nice and an even better bonus that the car ride went well.

Mamma Mia said...

I am a little disappointed that you guys didn't dress up when you played rock band. When we have band practice or go on tour you better believe there is acid washed jeans and a side pony tail!

claire said...

G'ville- my hometown! Ask me anything you want.