Monday, January 19, 2009


SM is actually taking naps with L here. She forces him to quiet time (so did I) but for some reason he falls asleep. I don't get the magic. Here he is sleeping under the body pillow. Whatever works, kid. (he is also into picking out his clothes now, as you can see)
I love having a vacation day. We had crepes this morning with fresh strawberries (great sale at Kroger!) and I even squeezed in a nap. I was up way to late last night with GJ, he is having more problems with his skin so we made a quick trip to Scottish Rite and now he has to take this terrible medicine (its says mix it with chocolate syrup!) but at least he will get better. And isn't he cute? L loves to do his hair in the morning. He is learning to get along better with his cousin, but still managed to bite her this morning. Lovely.

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jenny said...

what's going on with gj's skin? sorry you had to go to the er, that's never fun. and the mixing meds with chocolate must be really bad to have to mask the taste with that!