Sunday, February 15, 2009


We have been missing dad, but really enjoying our time in WA. Two weeks down and two weeks to go till we meet him in AZ. This weekend we made it down to my sister Karli's house and have been having fun playing Wii and watching the girls play basket ball (aside from the stomach flu both kids have. Yuck). Here are some pictures and you will not get these from K ever. Classic Haylee face.

SM and his twin. They are having so much fun playing (unless bubby tells me SM needs a spanking)

Megan is pretty good!

The boys playing around after preschool.

Opening valentine's at school.

My fake pink hair.

Cousins playing 'rocket'

Jumping in the snow.

We also made it to the Musuem of Flight with some good friends which was tons of fun!

(Picture stolen courtesy of T and O)


Sarah K. said...

Wow! They really do look alike. Sorry to hear about the stomach flu. Taking care of sick kids is no picnic but especially on vacation, ugh. Hope they're feeling tons better and have fun on the rest of your trip.

Annie Gedge said...

Are you following trend setting Mary with that pink hair?

Jan said...

4 week vacation, lucky. Sorry about the sick kids. Have a great Vacation.

Jeff and Rushell said...

SOooooooo jealous! That is all I have to say....

Have some fun for me!