Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally Friday!

We have so much reorganizing to do this weekend, I am in a big spring cleaning mood! Plus I love yardwork and I am a little bummed it will probably rain all weekend. More so because I have a 10K race tomorrow too. Here is a picture of my GJ. He is growing so fast. He is at that wonderful stage where he will just sit for 20 minutes with an activity. This food cutting is one of his favorite. He is talking so much now, but we really have to pay attention to understand him! He does have NO! down perfectly though.


brenna said...

Good luck on the run!

jenny said...

i think he looks so old in this picture! what a cutie, i had missed seeing you guys. as far as him sitting with something for 20, that's impressive. i'm happy if dez sticks with the same thing for 5. oh well!