Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. It was really great, lot of people, tons of eggs, pony rides, baby bunnies, prizes, balloons, and the GTech mascot. Could it get any better? Tad has been MIA for the last 2 weeks, getting home after the kids are in bed due to finishing up his PhD, so it was a nice treat to spend a few hours with him in the afternoon, the boys sure miss him.

Tad and the boys and Buzz
he did so great picking up eggs (he doesn't like chocolate, more for me!)
See how cute my bags turned out?
SM was so excited, he has been practicing all week finding eggs!
more eggs
The camera is a little slow, but that is SM riding the pony.
GJ wasn't too sure about those rabbits.
But they were so cute and tiny!
Both scared to death of the Easter Bunny.


Linny said...

How fun! Those baskets are awesome! Mine failed miseably. I went with the chick, everything that could go wrong did. I'll try it again next year. Our local grocery store was selling baby chicks, i wanted to pick you up one.

Sarah K said...

Looks like fun - with pony ride and real live bunnies! I'm with the boys though, that Easter Bunny does look a little scary. Good job having SM practice. Lucy should have because she always ends up getting just an egg or 2 every year.

juju said...

Not to be a grouch, but I really hate the easter bunny. I feel for GJ.

Kelly M said...

Oh delightful photos! My favorite part about the bunny photo is that his expression doesn't change so he's just got that grin on his face. Love it.

Jan said...

I love the little bunnies. So cute. We've had enough Easter egg hunting around here to last a life time. Okay, maybe not a life time, at least til next year. Too much sugar if you ask me, I think they need to start a new holiday where you eat only healthy food.

zeeny said...

What a fun thing to do! I must say I would never willingly hold a bunny though...a little crazy I think. I used to hold my friends bunny a couple years ago, and it always freaked out. crazy animals!

Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures! Kids...they're always scared of the things they're supposed to like! Goobers.