Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wasington DC

I had a business trip in DC, so I brought SM along and he spent a night and day with his cousin Ryan. We got to stay in my hotel the next night and swim and have fun. Then we rode the METRO to the Mall and went to the Air and Space Museum. SM was in heaven.

he loved all the rockets. Though there was a definite lack of helicpoters. Well, they might have been there, but with two kids and a huge museum, we just couldn't spend hours looking.
We could hardly get them to smile together.
Sawyer driving a little cessna.

My sweet hotel. After the museum, the boys were racing down the sidewalk and R crashed and gashed his knee open. S carried him a block back to the museum where and then we were escorted through an underground maze to a nurse station.
No stitches, but he was still NOT happy about the whole situation. Poor R!

We had a fun quick trip and I am glad we did it. Who knows when we will be back on the East side again, thanks for having us S and not getting your car stolen.


K-Krew said...

Thanks for the reminder about all the cool things to do in DC. The in-laws will be out in a couple of months so now we have another great idea for when we're down there.

P.S. Our new blog address is listed on Facebook. Disregard if I've already mentioned it...I now blame my memory lapses on having 3 kids, age 4 and under ;p

zeeny said...

How fun to take a trip with just one of your kids!! I love D.C., we just don't get there enough!! Glad you got to go before the move!

Tawni said...

You're such a cool mom. He'll always remember his trip alone w/ you.

Jennifer Richins said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't seen you in ten years. Since Jeni's wedding. It's Jennifer (now Richins, then Martin) from BYU. Looks like you are doing well. You can check out my blog at

jenny said...

dc is great. that is fun you took sm. i can't believe how old gj is looking these days. him hiking along on that trail is killing. me. i miss you guys.

Annie Gedge said...

Wow they put you up in a Gaylord resort. Aren't those spectacular! I went with my sister in law to one in Florida (played with my niece while she worked) it was so nice!