Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brave Girls Camp

A while ago, my cousin who is super creative, amazing, arsty, etc.. posted on FB she and her sister were starting a Brave Girls Club. I thought it sounded wonderful, but since I lack a few creative genes, I called a sister to see if they would go, as I can't go alone to these kinds of things as I am way to shy for that. We turned it into a sister's weekend and four of us went down to Idaho this weekend and had an amazing time.

We ate some amazingly delicous food.
And did some fun and very meaningful crafts.

Awesome bird I made.
I thought we would be intimidated by all the other talented people there (designers, people who had their own product lines, etc) but it was no big deal and we learned a lot from the other girls in so many ways.

Its hard moving to a new city and having no friends and trying to find our new groove here, so it was so nice to get away from that stress and just have fun with my sisters and some truly amazing people.

It really is life changing fun for women and I had an amazing time. Let me know if you want to go and I will go back with you!

I have a serious lack of pictures. Hopefully I can get more from the group. I just can't even describe the details and everything they did to make it the PERFECT weekend. It really was amazing.


Camille said...

YAY for brave girls!! :)

K-Krew said...

Never heard of it before but it sounds amazing.

zeeny said...

I've never heard of it but I want to go! You shouldn't be stressed to be in a new place, although I understand! Pretty soon you are going to have to be telling people you can't be friends because you are too in know you're the best!@=

Kelly M said...

Oh that looks really fun! I'm glad you got to have some sister time too. I'm very impressed with the bird, by the way!

Annie Gedge said...

So, I'm a nerd is the white shirt suppose to be apart of the club because the girl in the background has one too. It could be that it makes for a great sister photo, but that background chick threw me off.

Carmen said...

Wait - your cousin started it? I checked out the website, it looks SOOO cool!! I want to go so bad! Tell me more! Is it for women only, or can teens go?

Jennifer Richins said...

I love those kinds of weekends. Where did you move to?

Laura said...

Man, you always get to go on "sister weekends!" Looks like fun! Is it expensive? I'm sure you got a deal, right? How's Utah? I really should call you soon--its so weird to me that you're not in Atlanta anymore.