Monday, November 2, 2009

Good bye October

This has been a nice month adjusting to playing with two cute boys all day. Here is what we have been up to last month. We played superheroes (GJ isn't quite a fan)

Painted pumpkins (GJ is REALLY into drawing and painting, SM lasts less than 5 minutes)
Running errands and refusing to take naps (he really fell asleep the whole time at the grocery store. Looks comfy!)
Going to parks
Seeing conference and MoTab
Being silly.
Painting pumpkinsPainting rockets
Rocket launch

Preschool Halloween party, very cute!
Highlight of Halloween night might have been chasing this cat.
My cute fireman and shark.

This month is starting out warm so luckily we are able to keep our park routine (for now), looking forward to ice skating lessons and Thanksgiving! Let me know if you have any toddler/preschool craft ideas for November.


Jellybean said...

I think you should let them try mod podging! They have those wooden letters at michael's for pretty cheap get them a G and an S an let them cover them with newspaper or something like that.

Jellybean said...

Oh yeah and they sure are cute! I love that shark costume!

Tara and Orlando said...

Ooo...good idea with the rocket ship. I should try that with Dallin.

zeeny said...

I'm glad you're having fun! Hope Utah is treating you all well! I love the sleeping in the grocery cart...classic!