Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Six months ago I couldn't get SM to touch a crayon. He hated coloring and drawing. Painting was okay. Yesterday he tells me it is his favorite part of school. Yay for progress. He spent the last hour drawing this machine (he mostly draws machines and rockets) that turns cheese into rainbows. I think it has something to do with Word Girl, but I certainly don't give him his ideas.

I made a quilt for Kamae's new baby (red white and blue of course, she lives in DC) and it was my second one free motion quilted (which is really hard!) with a big stipple pattern but I had less mistakes. Its also hard to sew with soft minky, just so you know.

I also made a hair barrette. Probably a good thing I have no girls.
Made some quick Easter baskets for RE and Amelia. I realize I do like felt and embroidery. I will have to find something else to practice on.
And my biggest accomplishment, I finished Jule's quilt last night. Can you see the little stipple pattern? I just love how it turned out.
Full size. Don't you just want to cuddle right up in it?
In other news, I finally got a bike seat for GJ for the back of my bike, so we have been doing lots of bike rides! Its been fun and good exercise and much easier to go to preschool and GJ does not appreciate the stroller and it takes 20 minutes to walk 2 blocks with him.


leigh said...

I love those bunny baskets! And your quilting looks great! (and I have heard the minky is hard to work with).

K-Krew said...

Cute Easter baskets and I love that last quilt. Coloring is also Lucy's fave part of school. I love it when they do art projects AT school too ;)

Kamae said...

Wendy!! It was so much fun to see you even though we didn't get a whole lot of time to chat. The quilt you made me is AMAZING!! Everyone loved it. I'm glad you've found a hobby you enjoy so much and that you are so good at!

Kelly M said...

I'm really impressed with the projects! Now I want to make those barrettes...since I have a daughter. So weird! Actually, I'd love to make any of those projects. You're getting downright crafty! I'm excited to see you when you're up here next month!

Amanda said...

You're quilts are amazing. Andrew has never liked coloring/writing either, so I never pushed it. A few months ago, I bought him a maze book, and he LOVES mazes.

zeeny said...

Love the quilts, love the boys, love the coloring, love you!