Sunday, April 10, 2011

Growing baby.

They say she is was 8' 2" on Monday and 8' 12" on Friday, so I am convinced someone is wrong, but either way, she is having no problem putting on weight and at 3 weeks, is above her birth weight. This may be our last week in newborn clothes. Its been a good week, but Nana has been here so I have been able to run lots of errands and haven't yet felt the difficulties of 3 kids. She is going to work tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. 
 Getting some cheeks
 ARGG, I'm a pirate! 
 Goofy grin
 Attempt at family picture
 Nana has been here taking care of us. I'm not even going to think about when she will be leaving. 
 Despite the cry face, she does love me best. 
 Curly hair after bath. 
Nana and some of her boys. 

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Mark and Aupreille said...

Hey I want to bring you dinner, is there anything you can't eat? When would be the best time to bring something by? Also, email or text me your address because I realized I don't even have it!