Sunday, January 6, 2008

30 Years!

Tad turned the big 30 yesterday. He is not super happy about it, but I say he still looks young. We are hoping he can get his PhD before he hits 40.

We got a sitter and had lunch on top of the Westin. They have a rotating restaurant up top and the view was amazing. He then had a nice nap with GJ. We then had cake, put the kids to bed and watched a movie, so it was a fun relaxing day! We are so grateful for all of the hard work he puts in at school and church, and for our family. He a great dad and we love him. He takes care of so much stuff that I loathe (the cars, the house, paperwork, bills) He stresses out to much, but he does so much and we couldn't ask for a better dad. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Even though I seem to countdown the days till we are done and can move, we love this city and it was fun to see it from so high up!


Linny said...

happy birthday tracy, sawyer looks dang happy in that first pic

zeeny said...

Happy Birthday! R didn't like turning thirty two years ago either!! I say it is just a number...who cares!

claire said...

Happy Birthday TAD!

Is it sad that my 8 year old has been to that restaraunt but I haven't???