Monday, December 31, 2007

Cousins in Kentucky

We had so much fun visiting this week, its sad we all have to go back to the normal routine. I don't have Nashville pictures yet, but they are to come (I know you are very eager) SM had a lot of fun playing with his cousins. He is finally at the stage where he can play and converse so it was fun. He woke up today asking "where's Henry?" and if we can go to Abby's house tomorrow. I don't think I am quite up for the drive again. We had fun with SM's first time at Chuck E Cheese, he mostly just wanted to ride a little Bob the Builder tractor the whole time. I was able to convince him to try some other things he could actually win tickets at. He got a balloon and some knick knacks, but was upset the next day when his balloon wouldn't float. They had gotten a Wii for Christmas, so we also had lots of fun playing with that. I am not a huge video game fan, but I was pretty hooked and wish we could get one. We'll see. Overall it was a nice drive, we left after church and still got home before midnight with minimal screaming from GJ. He no longer likes car rides. I wonder if its his new seat. Thanks to the portable DVD, SM had a great time. We are thankful they fed and put us up and hope to visit again soon!


zeeny said...

Glad you were able to have fun with family!

Mark & Aup said...

Who in your family lives in Kentucky?

Mark got a Wii (actually he got the gift card for it b/c I haven't found it in stock yet) for Christmas too. That is the one video game system I finally caved in for, because I think Tennis is pretty sweet.