Monday, February 4, 2008

Rally with Romney

So good and bad: SM has a red eye. Phone nurse said it wasn't pink eye so I took him to school, who called me the second I got home to come pick him up till I had a doctors note. So instead of going to the doctor, I was able to attend the rally at Georgia Tech. It was really neat, I know it was just a fast talking politician, they all are, but it was fun. My main issue is the economy and I think he is the best one for the job. SM wasn't having the greatest time and it was super hot, but I am so glad we went. (turns out I am glad we went to the doctor though as he has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics. I am 0 for 2 at taking kids to the doctor now this month)

Here are the boys right before he came out (waiting, waiting, waiting, 3 introductions later...) People would also break out in chants: Mitt is it
Then here he is speaking.

More speaking.
And the best part even though this is a bad picture is when I muscled my way to the front and there he was! He shook my hand, I felt really cool. You can see how close I was though.
Then it was over, Tad wasn't able to work his way up, he was holding SM and might have caused someone injury. But we were walking out and most of the people went out the front and we were going out the back and here comes Mitt again out of a back hallway. Tad yells "Go Mitt!"and he said thanks or something. It made him feel better even though he didn't get to shake his hand, he was able to say he talked to Mitt!


claire said...

Didn't you want him to kiss your cute baby? Now that would have been a picture.

It's too bad about the fast-talking politician thing. I used to almost like him... like back when he was first the gov. of Massachusetts. He's pretty lame as far as pres. candidates go IMNSHO

Tad said...
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winnie said...

I wish I could say there was someone I agreed with 100%. They are all fast talking politicians to me, though I will say Huckabee scares me the most.
But Mitt had some good things to say and I still like him best!

Laura said...

I have to say I trust Romney more than any of the others. I think he has a lot of strong experience more integrity than McCain or Huckabee.

Laura said...

I meant to say "AND more integrity..."

Heather said...

Man! I guess we moved just a little too soon. I think it would have been neat to go to the Romney rally...and you and Laura and Julie and Jan all have pictures from it on your blogs! We missed out. I have to say, I really respect him and I would have voted for him if he were still running.