Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks for visiting us Tara!

Monday this week my good friend from FW came to visit on business and we were able to go to dinner and play some games. We have been friends since they moved into on block over by Camelot. We became really good friends at Stake Youth Conference one year and after that we hung out till college. I had such a great group of friends in jr high and high school, I look back with such great memories on that time, going to church dances and slumber parties almost every weekend, TPing, seminary, mutual, hanging out with my brother and his friends too. It wasn't all perfect, I admit I did some dumb things, but overall, I am so grateful for our "click" and their friendship during what could have been a really difficult time in my life with my parents and all. Wow, I didn't mean to make this all cheesy, so sorry. It was just a really fun time in my life.
SM was cranky and a little shy at first, but when we got back to our house, he sure warmed up to Tara, making her read him books and showing off for her. Even trying to order her around and make her put his toothbrush away before he finally went to bed (after getting up several times of course). Anyway, hope you had fun Tara and didn't get too warm! It was so good to see you!

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jenny said...

it's so great to catch up with old friends. don't worry about the cheese, its nice to have those memories. i think those times are what make us who we are.