Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love Dos

We cat-sat a couple weeks ago and SM had such a great time. Last night before bed, I said "I love SM, Daddy and GJ." In response, SM said "I love mama, I love Daddy, I love GJ and I love Dos." He hasn't seen or mentioned the cat in over a week, but he made the list. When we move into our next permanent place (hopefully next summer?!?) I am getting a cat. He also took about 15 pictures of Dos lounging on the spare bed. He really had a good time with that cat. I doubt the feeling were returned though.


Jellybean said...

No allergy issues with the cat? He does appear to be loving that cat! I miss Bongo!

VirtualM said...

Come on, you have to re-name the cat and make it your own! We called him 'Toonces' and still call him that whenever we refer to him. But yeah, he's a great cat and Frankie loves having him over.