Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am trying to decide if I should get my eyes done. Are there any opinions out there? do you know anyone that has done it in ATL and can recommend a good place?


jenny said...

quite honestly i know both sides. my sister had it done and a year later she was back in glasses. however, the dentist i worked for had it done here in atlanta and has never had a problem (i think it's been almost 10 years). i think it's one of those things you wish you could guarantee it would work because eyes are SO valuable!

VirtualM said...

GO LASIK! I had it done in Utah, however. My vision is now like 20/25, but let me tell you, it sure beats what it was before (it was like -6.75 in both eyes or something like that, meaning I was blind.) Juston also had lasik in Utah, and he misses his glasses, but that's about the only complaint he has. If you do have any problems, just find a doctor that will do corrections if your vision isn't 20/20 - that happened to my sister and she went in for a 'touch up' because she didn't have 20/20 vision (she's in Colorado). I'm sure someone at your work would know of a lasik specialist, or heck, go to and look at reviews.

Jellybean said...

It's been about 4 months since I had mine done.
Zero complaints. Yes, I'm sure your remember those first few days were a little scary, but that's because I had PRK and that's the way that works.
Just make sure you find a Doctor that has lots of experience.

Laura said...

I am trying to decide the same thing. Craig loves his lasik, but my mom HATES it. SHe has never had vision even equal to her old vision. She still wears contacts and glasses, and its still not as good as it once was. She should not have gotten it done in the first place. One doctor told her she was not a candidate and a second doctor told her she was...go figure. I think I'll get a second opinion if the first Dr. tells me I am a candidate.

Jacki said...

My mom got hers done about 13 years ago in Mexico. Yeah, a little scary, but she hasn't had any problems and hated the fact that she waited so long to get them done.

We are planning to get Brooks' eyes done soon, so any information you get send it our direction. THANKS!