Monday, September 8, 2008

Six Flags

Friday after we had cake, we left the birthday girl home with the babies and Matt, Tad, SM and I went to Six Flags! They close the park to the public and only Coke employees get in from 6pm to midnight so after fighting traffic, we finally got there and had a blast! I mostly did the little kid stuff with SM and Tad and Matt took off to do Goliath and Superman and left me without a camera, so I didn't get any good shots of him on the swings or flying an airplane.We have never been to anything like this with him, so I had no idea how he would react or if he would be scared, but he wasn't at all. In fact when Tad and I went on Superman, he just kept telling Matt how he wanted to ride the 'roller poster.' We rode Thomas the Train at their new little village (mainly a play area, not as cool as I was hoping) and ate funnel cake and watched the firework show. SM fell asleep in Tad's arms as he waited for us to go on the last coaster. We had a great time.


Jeff & Rushell said...

Wow! I love little kids on rides. It makes it so much more fun. Glad SM did so well and wasn't scared. Good Times!

Jan said...

How fun. We need to take our kids there sometime, if we have the time. Is your sister living with you? If so, you are a nice sister I wouldn't be so nice unless my house was big. It should be fun though right. You have a live in nanny. SWEET! At least your sibling some to see you, I'm still waiting on mine to come. I guess they never will come to Atlanta.

jenny said...

looks like you guys had a fun time at six flags, nothing beats a good funnel cake. sm was a brave kid! that's awesome. and that is pretty great having your sis live there for a few months. it totally rocks for the free babysitter factor too.