Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes We Can!

We got free admissionn to a special GPB event at the Children's Museum Sat night. They had Bob the Builder there and we basically got to run around and do whatever we wanted. Plus they had free pizza and drinks. It was NOT crowded like I thought it would be and they gave away goodie bags with a cool BOB book as well. It was a great night!Who doesn't love a JD tractor?
painting. that lasted like 30 seconds. Again, his smiles are all painful these days.
Can't go wrong with trains.
or playing in the sand.
Being shy with Bob
Scoop is SM's favorite friend of Bob's.


Tad said...

Could it be that Obama got his catch phrase from Bob the Builder? (not to be confused with Joe the Plumber of course).

Laura said...

My kids loved the Children's Museum in Atlanta, such a fun place. Your kids are getting so big. We have some friends that will be going to GT in the Fall, I gave them your email, I hope that is ok :).

winnie said...

yes, we love more folks to come here to Hotlanta!

jenny said...

looks like fun. i think i might be shy of a giant bob the builder too.

Laura said...

I can't believe it wasn't crowded. Looks like a lot of fun!

Tara and Orlando said...

Wow, looks like a TON of fun! Even better when it is FREE!