Friday, May 8, 2009

Chattanooga Part 3

Our Last day we got up and went to the Children;s discovery museum. We were the first ones there and had a blast. Shelly took care of the older boys mostly, so its not favoritism, I just ended up with a ton of pictures of GJ.

of course loves to play in the water.

can you see the combs on the left? He sat watching the bees forever. Then he found this little window where you could watch them flying in and out.
enjoying a little food prep.
digging for dinosaurs. Shelly opted out saying it was too messy. All worth itits showing as for dinosaurs I say.
Shelly's completed house. She got many compliments. (see video below, we probably spent the majority of our time with this)
Boys inside.
GJ was bored of the house. He opted for chillin'
putting the roof on.

out on the roof.
getting artsy.
listening to her stomach?
His favorite car.


brenna said...

What a fun trip! Sorry I couldn't make it.

jenny said...

that looks so fun, dez would have loved to see thomas.