Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

We started Friday off at the Children Museum and they had a mini Olympics obstacle course. Both boys did it several times, though GJ kept trying to go in the middle of someone else's turn. That tube is pretty appealing though as you can see, so I don't blame him.

Then we found out my aunt had been flown home from the Philippines to Utah (they were serving a 2 year mission there) and they found some tumors in her brain. She had surgery and we weren't able to see her, but Pompie and Donna came up from AZ so we spent the afternoon with them. It was so nice, can't believe my grandpa is 90! We already miss them, but will see them again soon in April during our long drive to Seattle for Spring break.
(My aunt is out of surgery and recovering, they couldn't get the whole tumor without paralyzing her or making her lose her speech, so we are praying chemo and radiation work quickly to knock it out! ) Since we were all in Provo, we just stayed the night at Linny's and played Settlers (traders and barbarians) then drove home this morning in the snow. Its cold!
I am determined to start running again though and went on Sat for the first time this year. There are 3 races (half marathon's) I would like to do this year, so we'll see if I can stay committed and not chicken out in the cold.

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