Thursday, May 13, 2010

a little dirt

Today was finally warmer and GJ spent most of the afternoon digging in the dirt.
He also loves going to the children's museum and I think he still thinks the chickens are real. Won't he be surprised when we finally get a couple of our own girls?

We also went to an Emergency Prepare Fair a few weeks ago. It was so cool to see the helicopter land right in front of us (and breezy) and then the boys got to climb in. They were in heaven, as you can see.
So far May has been good, I have been working a few hours on quality assurance for the US Census and discovering more parks with the boys as its been getting warmer. I have not read or sewn very much and can't figure out what I will bring to my guild meeting as I have been so lazy, but I finally quilted SM's quilt and am now just waiting for the mailman to bring me the binding. Hopefully next month will be better, but with SM home all day and no preschool, my only hope is putting them to bed really early!


Rushell said...

Putting them to bed early is my only home to! Good Luck!

ejb said...

oh those chubby cheeks are adorable. I want to pinch them!