Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Can't believe he is that old! SM had a great birthday! We started off early with cake and presents and Grandma and Grandpa's (where he finally got his own helicopter) then after swimming lessons, we headed to Lindsey's and went swimming at the Spanish Fork pool and had lots of fun. Then we dropped of GJ and just the two of us went to see Toy Story 3, which overall he liked, but he gets way to tense and anxious and at one point was even (loudly) telling me he wanted to leave, but we stuck it out and it turned out okay. Yummy chicken and pepper grilled shish-kabobs for dinner and then Mario Galaxy Wii to finish off his evening. He is such a great kid and growing and learning so much everyday! We sure love you SM!!!


tongchen@seattle said...
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Julie said...

Wow, I can't believe he's 5! That is so funny he wanted to leave! I thought Emery would do the same thing but he just sat on the edge of his seat the whole time! Silly boy!

Jenelle said...

It looks like you are having such a fun time being in Utah. Very impressed that your boys walk so much while hiking - it gives me hope!