Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Has it been that long?

I swear I had another post in there since the last birthday, but blogger ate it when I changed my format. Its been a fun summer, I am so thankful for not too much humidity! We still have one big reunion left in Idaho and I can't wait. Here are some shots of what we have been up to.

Our first trophy. He was more than thrilled.
We were so IMPROVED! I had a great experience coaching and am glad to sit this next season out. Sawyer scored a 3 times, but needs more aggression!

If they could, they would eat watermelon all day, everyday. It makes everything so sticky and I (yes, even me) have had to mop so often. I love watermelon, but I am tired of the cleanup. Here GJ decided to get really crazy and had it all over his hair. All I could do was laugh.
While at Tad's reunion (these are totally out of order) we went to Minnetonka caves and it was cool, but so cold (40 degrees) and SM just had a tshirt and shorts. Way to be prepared, parents. Luckily, GJ stayed back with Grandma and Grandpa.
Plantarium visiting Mars. They saw their first 3D move and no, they are not ready for 3D glasses. We'll wait a few more years.
When its too hot, we go to the Discovery Gateway children's museum. GJ spent about 45 minutes feeding this little baby.
We love hiking! We went with some friends to Lake Solitude, and the kids did 3.5 miles total, they were amazing! And tired, but I was so proud of them. It helps to have other kids they can play with and follow, much less complaining. I only carried GJ about half a mile if that on the way back.
GJ started swimming lessons and potty training. I wouldn't say he is successful at either yet.
We all hiked up Donut Falls which no longer seems to be a donut.
But it was fun to get out and glad the kids can walk by themselves :)
We try to go to the zoo at least once a week.
I think SM likes this fake elephant better than the real ones. GJ does not agree.

Spanish Fork Fair frozen banana!

Surprisingly, GJ LOVED this fast little roller coaster. Cousin Linc is not so sure!

We have worked a little on a community farm.
SM loves jumping off the diving board and runs all the way down! He is such an improved swimmer! Now lets hope he doesn't forget it by next summer.


K-Krew said...

Looks like a fun summer! We'll be in UT in a couple of weeks and were wondering about some kid-friendly ideas. Looks like we'll have lots to choose from :)

Laura said...

Oh man, I'll have to show Elizabeth the picture of SM jumping off the diving board. Look at our blog, and you'll understand why.

How are you guys? I can't believe how much GJ and SM look alike. Cute, cute boys! Looks like you guys are staying busy and enjoying Utah.

zeeny said...

Looks like a fun summer! Wish we were closer to enjoy it with you! Miss you!

Tara and Orlando said...

Looks like fun. Is that you with super cute short hair?

VirtualM said...

I know I'm very late making this comment, but LOVE THE HAIR!!!

Claire said...

GJ=serious cuteness. I want to eat him up!!!!