Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fun at the Zoo

Today was very busy and lots of fun. I was hoping it would send me into labor, but no luck yet. My friend Claire and I made a sling for the new baby (okay, she did it all and I just watched and it turned out wonderful, THANKS!) We then had a fabulous time at the zoo with me, Jan and 4 kids! Double double strollers, I think we did remarkably well. It was SM's first time at the zoo, I am not sure what he had to think about it all. The baby panda was pretty cute though. I then finally picked up the bassinet (so now its real) and then it was calzone night, yummy! SM and a baby piggy (it gets over 200 lbs!) Pounding on a sheep, I am sure it loved that. Ethan wanted to get out of there at first, then didn't want to stop feeding the goat. Look, Ma!

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zeeny said...

Hey Winnie,
If you havn't had the baba yet you should try and have it tomorrow. B's b-day is June 15th! Seems to be a lucky day because my labor with her was only a little over three hours. Maybe it's the day! Love ya.