Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where's the Baby?

We finally got home from the hospital today. I am glad its over. It all went pretty smoothly though SM is still not too happy about it. Here are some pictures of the new baby! I can't say that I like slimy pictures, but you have to have at least one. All wrapped up. He looks almost the exact same as SM I think. Me and GJ waiting for the wheelchair to take us out to the car. So SM finally came to the hospital and I tried to get him to sit with Tad and hold the baby, but he just got mad and kept saying "No baby!" What a cute little bug! An hour old. Please note the big zit on my forehead. Nice.
With my midwife Diane. She is wonderful! Happy Father's Day!!!Thanks especially to the Preyer's, Schanks, and Moffitts for looking after SM during the whole thing, especially while he was sick! We appreciate it so much. We are so glad to have this new member of our family that we have been blessed with and can't wait to get to know him better. He has yet to really cry, eats fairly well, and mostly sleeps. I am sure that won't last too long! Thanks for all your love and support!


zeeny said...

Hey Winnie,
Congrats! We now have our second children that share the same birthday! I hope your labor with the second was as fast as mine! Love you all

Jason said...

Congrats! I also weighed 7lbs 11oz so he'll be great:) (I saw the email you sent Ash)

Tawni said...

Dude! What a cute little guy!! I don't think it will take Sawyer too long to love him, too. Congratulations :) You make me want another...

Amy said...

Hi Tracy, Wendy, & Sawyer,

Congratulations on the birth of baby Graham. All the pictures are just precious! We were eating key lime pie for father's day yesterday and Adam asked what kind of crust did the pie have, and Allen said, "Graham cracker crust, just like your new little cousin." so I apologize in advance if all my kids start calling him "graham cracker." Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and getting some sleep. We can't wait to someday meet Graham; and I still haven't even met Sawyer yet! Congratulations again.


Amy (the California sister-in-law who hasn't seen you since your wedding and really misses all of you!)