Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fun with Nana

This is our new favorite song of the week. He usually sings more but of course once the camera comes out...

We are having all kinds of fun with Nana this week. GJ rolled over, we ran out of memory of course at the last minute when I tried to get a video. SM was so excited for him and wanted to play steamroller as well and got a little upset GJ wouldn't roll the entire room over. .
Here is baby Caleb, he is so cute and tiny. He was only 3lbs 6oz when he was born, but seems to be doing well. You have to do all this scrub in to go and see him, but it's worth it. Makes me want another baby...but not that bad, don't worry. I hope he gets to come home soon!


Ross Family said...

How exciting!! At least SM didn't steamroller GJ.

JuJu said...

SM looks just like Ethan from the side view. Of course Ethan's head is 5X bigger.