Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fun with friends and cousins!

So these are a little old, but I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of Nana and Jellybean's visit. SM sure had fun with his cousin.
The first day we went to playgroup and the park and had fun. I was really trying to wear them out so they would take good naps, which worked out pretty well. I was afraid RH would not go down in a strange place, but it was all good. As if that wasn't enough, we spent a lot of the time we were at home back out on the swings. I just love watching kids play and interact. SM is getting much better at it, he is still kind of a loaner, but I would say he does better now at having "friends." As much as a 2 year can have anyway.
The next day we went to the children's museum. They have lots of fun kids stuff, SM is always drawn to the balls, though he is just a little to small to really be able to manipulate them though. He did really like the painting though, playing in the water, and of course the truck. He loves to pretend he is driving and our usual battle in the car is me not letting him drive. Afterwards we went to Willy's where there happened to be some firemen eating. They got done about the same time as us and parked in the back lot by us so they let the boys climb on the truck, they had a blast.

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Jellybean said...

We had a blast and it was so fun watching SM and RH play. I can't wait til we can come back!