Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally- my camera has come!

For some reason I can't get the pictures to download right, but I can at least hook up the camera and then copy the files over. Strange. Hopefully when I set up the new computer I won't have any issues. Tad got us a good deal on black Friday. But I love my new camera! Its very small, I just wish I was a better photographer.
Here is SM kissing George Washington. A boy after my own heart. I am teaching patriotism young. He gets the President mixed up with the prophet though, so we are still working on that.
And this is how you stuff a fat baby in a bumbo. He has to be wearing clothes as his skin prevents him from sliding in, but he fits VERY snug.


JuJu said...

Can you just bite that arm for me? I just want to chew on him and kiss him. Also I dig SM's hair. I broke down and cut Ethan's. Just the sides and back though.

claire said...

There's the trick to fitting in fat babies... pant legs!

Jan said...

G looks too funny in the bumbo. I need one of those for Nolan, he still can't sit up on his own. Does G enjoy it?

VirtualM said...

Glad the bumbo's working out for ya :)
We still have the exersaucer, so whenever you feel GJ's ready, let me know!