Thursday, December 11, 2008


Matt got some vouchers from Turner, so last night we loaded up the whole family and headed to the Thrashers game against the Rangers. It was a great game, we only lost in overtime.

GJ has never been a big dancer, but whenever the music came on last night, he would really get into into it (with his stone cold face) and it was so cute. SM's favorite part was when the Thrashers scored, they had these birds at the top that blew fire. It was cool.


brenna said...

What a cute dancer. Gotta love that stone face.

jenny said...

he's just very serious about his moves, that's all. very cute, looks like fun.

The Jensen Family said...

Miss Wendy,
I need you address so I can mail you a Christmas card. I thought I had you email, but I can't find it, so I hoping you will look at your blog comments soon. If you see this will you please email me your address?!