Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We didn't get cards out this year, so sorry, we are alive and happy. The kids were very spoiled this morning.

Tad is still in school. He had a good year studying and feels like he is getting close to graduating from GaTech in 2009. We hope. He is busy with the bishopric, school and playing with the kids when he is at home.

WD is busy working fulltime at Coke, taking care of the boys, supporting her husband, planning all the ward activities, and ran 2 half marathons this year. She also took a guitar class and loves it, though has little time to play.

SM is growing so big. He is full of energy and always saying things that make us laugh. He loves to help in the kitchen and loves preschool.

GJ had a rough year with being the younger brother, breaking his leg and finally learning how to walk. He has made so much progress in the last few weeks. He has really gone from a baby to a toddler. He loves to say "no, no, no!" He is talking more and more and sure loves his mom.

We love being able to blog and keep up on so many others who do the same that are so far away. Have a wonderful holiday, and remember why we have it! We are so grateful for the Saviour.


jenny said...

we didn't do cards either. sometimes you just can't get to everything! looks like you guys had a great christmas.

Tara and Orlando said...

We didn't get cards out either. You have definately been busy.