Monday, September 3, 2007

Blessing Day

Happy Thinking "Are you almost done""Is this lady serious?"

GJD was blessed on Sept 2nd.I tried to do everything possible Saturday night to be ready and I can say we made it to church and on time but I forgot to pick someone up and her phone was disconnected and I felt like a jerk the rest of the day. We weren't able to have any family in town, but we had some friends in the circle. Tad had just decided Friday he was going to do it, so he didn't really invite anyone before hand to join in, just as many as he could make eye contact with on the way up there, classic TAD and WD of course. He did invite a few friends from his lab to come and a couple of them showed up with their spouses, so that was nice. He did tell them to come 'the back way' to church so they didn't have to see some of the scarier parts of the neighborhood. It was a really nice blessing. We really love living in Atlanta and being part of this ward. We are very grateful to have two such wonderful boys, too!


Jan said...

I love the pictures of Graham. Baby's make such cute faces. His blessing was very nice, Tad did a good job. We were glad we were on time to church so we didn't miss it.

VirtualM said...

After the blessing, when Juston sat down he made the comment, "that baby is all cheeks!" It's true, little GJ is just so sqishable and cute. And he was so good, no crying at all!

zeeny said...

What a cute little family. Miss you tons!