Sunday, September 9, 2007

Keep on Rollin'

So it has been a very busy week. Labor day was a fun picnic, GJ went swimming for the first time, but I forgot the camera. I took a couple with the phone, but none of him, he was sleeping most of the time. Here is one a friend took of SM, I still can't get the pictures off my phone. One day I will figure it out. Friday we had a Beach Day at the boys school. They had sprinklers and a BBQ and a guy came and put on a little show with stories and puppets. The kids really liked it. GJ mostly slept. Then we went home and I tried to rest a little, but unsuccessfully. Then we got jammies on the boys and took them to a friends house. 5 boys for the night, I hope they had a good time! We went to Six Flags for Coke night. I realized I am not as young as I used to be. First off, I was exhausted (yes, GJ is still waking up every three hours) and I just can't ride the coasters like I used to. I still love Batman, but I get so nervous right before. I screamed almost the whole time and now my voice is shot. We stood in line for Goliath, but I dogged out at the last minute. Superman is my favorite, but the line just wasn't worth it. It was a fun date night without the kids, but I realize I am not quite up to staying out till midnight any more. By the time we picked up the kids, got home and in bed, it was 1am.
Saturday I tried to sleep in but GJ was awake by 7am. Tad had a special date planned for me, so we went to a matinée show of Walking with Dinosaurs and it was awesome. I know its random, but I love dinasaurs, and it was a fun surprise. I don't think you can get a picture of how amazing it was to see the full size ones, but it was so cool. When we got home, I again tried for a nap, but was unsuccessful, I had to run to Costco and Target to get things for the talent show. When I got home, we just had time to eat really quick and go. We were supposed to pick someone up, but she wasn't there and we left late, so we got to the church right before 7pm, when it started. Luckily, I have a two person committee and one of them had been there for an hour setting up the stage and doing everything and there are always great helpers in the ward, so I just ran around and confirmed the acts and we didn't start too late!
We had a talent show a few years ago and it wasn't too great, so I admit my expectations were low, but it actually was really good! I had no idea there were so many talented people in our ward. Here is one of my favorite, some boys did a rap and it was about church and it was so cool. I have definitely changed how I feel about the genre. Our Bishop did a step dance, its so cool! Here he is with his cane in midair, he twirls and stomps and does all these cool tricks. You just have to see it.
Sunday I was almost on time, just a few minutes late. I tried to pick someone up again but was unsuccessful. Tad and I had a nice talk today as we pushed the boys around the park this afternoon. I do like Sunday's after I have had a good nap and meal! We came home and had Mud Pie and so here were are at the start of another week.


zeeny said...

It sounds like your week was about as busy as mine! I totally know what you mean about being tired. R would love to go out more but I'm too tired to even plan the event. He offers to but a lot of babysitters around here make the moms pick up the girls. That means and hour drive just to get the babysitter (half hour each way) not to mention the hour to drop them off after I'm already tired! We need to be better about swapping with friends who live closer to us! Hope the upcomming week is more restful! love ya

Jeff & Rushell said...

Who doesn't know that Wendalyn lovvvves dinosaurs? I believe I remember watching Jarasic Park 2 on the second row and lauging because it was giving us a headache. Are you the ward activity chair? You must have been destined for that after the awsome Holloween party you put on back in the day in the 4W. ;)I love reading your blog it brings back such fun memories!