Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Close Call

Ever have one of those nights?

10:00pm-Wake up GJ and feed him as he's been asleep since 5. Go to bed.
11:48pm- SM is crying, try to comfort him, get back in bed.
12:14am-Crying woke GJ up so finally get up to feed him.
2:21am-GJ hungry again, get up to feed him.
3:34am- GJ up again, kick Tad till he gets up to rock him vow I'm done nursing.
4:16am-GJ hungry again, get up to feed him, worry about SM coughing in the other room.
4:28am-Realize GJ will not go back to sleep again, put him on my chest so we can both get to sleep.
6:33am-Alarm has gone off 4 times and I've never heard it, Tad just keeps snoozing it. GJ has slid to my side, I try to adjust him and realize in the same horrifying moment he is slipping and I am too close to the edge of the bed. Luckily with my lightening ex-goalie reflexes, I catch him as he is going down, though I have to pin him to the side of the bed so he doesn't hit the ground which causes him to wake up and causes Tad to jump out of bed and turn the lights on thinking I dropped the baby. We are all a little spooked, but no harm done. I see the pillow I use to nurse just below on the floor, so if he would have fallen, it would have just been the pillow, though head first still probably wouldn't have felt to good. We get up and get ready and I try all day to stay awake and being thankful I didn't drop the baby!
So you can see the conversion to the packnplay isn't going to smooth, he has a hard time getting settled again when I lay him down. But neither is him sleeping in bed with us. If he sleeps in between us, I am afraid Tad will roll on him (so is Tad)
On a good note, SM said his first prayer by himself tonight, without prompting. It was so cute, too bad dad was at class. He will usually end every line for us: we say Heavenly, he (yells) Father, we say thank you for this, he (yells) day, etc. Its hard for me not to laugh, but we are trying to set a good example of being reverent and see if he will catch on as far as the yelling goes. So anyway, I think he is hungry so he says 'fold arms', which is usually his code for 'I'm ready to eat NOW.' He says 'Heavenly Father, thanks you day, for the food, (mumble, mumble) the nuggets, (mumble, mumble) pottage cheese {he is still working on his hard C's} AMEN (yells).' I was still very proud he finally did it without any help. And Tuesday nights while Tad is out I don't cook, so no comments about that please.


zeeny said...

Good catch!! Maybe try rolling up blankets and putting them beside GJ. My girls liked that especially when they transitioned...kind of like they felt wraped up and cozy, like someone was next to them! Good luck.

Jeff & Rushell said...

This is a good idea. Blankets on the sides of him. We did it with Dylan and it made all the difference. There is just to much space for them that they are not use to and if they don't roll or move around yet I think it makes them uncomfortable and not secure. Good luck, I totally feel for you, we have similar nights.

claire said...

Well, all my kids have fallen out of our bed and seem to be still fairly normal :-)

We had a bedrail like you use for little kids up for a long time- might be worth a try. Good luck!

winnie said...

Thanks for the tips, the blanket has been very helpful. He is sleeping better in the packnplay, though I still like to cuddle with him at night!