Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! Its so much more fun when they actually kind of get it. SM had a hard time leaving a toy to go unwrap the next, but it was so fun to watch. And they even let us sleep in till 8am.

Putting together the firetruck.

GJ's new car seat, not so fun, but much needed as he was to heavy for the infant seat! Thanks, Nana!

SM opening his stocking. He just wanted to eat the candy and throw the orange.

His new workbench. He loves all the tools and has carried the screwdriver around every where with him! (thanks, Nana)

My new running shoes and head band.

Bath toys. What else do you get a 6 month old?

The big winner of the day was the firetruck with lights, sounds and moving ladder. I wonder how soon it will be till I am sick of it!

We liked being at home, but we are sad we couldn't be with family. We hope you had a great Christmas too!


rybern said...

Glad to hear the boys let you sleep in! Looks like we wore them out last night. Glad to see you got running gear-keep in shape! And I love Sawyer's work bench.

JuJu said...

SM looks so much like you the longer his hair gets. I couldnt handle it, it made Ethans already large head look even bigger. I shaved it.

Mark & Aup said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas. Guess what it snowed in Seattle on Christmas! It was a Christmas miracle, it didn't last very long and it was mostly flurries but everyone else was more excited then Mark and I because in Iowa it's been snowing almost every week since Thanksgiving, so we were getting tired of snow.

Jan said...

what a fun christmas.