Sunday, December 9, 2007

Six Things

You may know some of these things about me, but its the best I could do after being tagged twice, here we go:
1. I love taking tests. I loved finals week and being in the testing center, it just gives this great energy. Where else can you go to find a building dedicated to taking tests and hopefully people not cheating. There is nothing like going down the stairs to see your score on the computer. I admit I prefer the timed test too, I work better under pressure. (I studied Electrical Engineering for 3 years, then switched and graduated in Environment Science-emphasis in Soil) I still plan one day on getting my masters.
2. I use and have lots of nicknames. I had a temper when I was little and was also very chubby, thus one of my nicknames growing up was the incredible bulk. I was a middle child, what can I say. I have less of a temper, but still no patience. I grew out of that one, but the fam still calls me Piggy, Woo, or Winnie.
3. I played on about every intramural team our ward had, but I love ultimate frisbee. Our co-ed team actually got 2nd, so still no T-shirt for me. I used to organize a group to play every Tuesday at Kiwanis Park. Tad would come and play fairly often even before we dated and even though he says he is far from a jock, he played well enough for me to marry him, he was actually pretty good. I also used to play a lot of frisbee golf and was an avid golfer during my time in Provo, none of which I have done since moving to the ATL.
4. I love to crochet. My favorite thing to make is booties. I like blankets too and have out 9 that I have started and never finished. I owe a lot of my neices and nephews still, and my boys don't even have their own blankets, though SM has booties and GJ got one, but never a pair. If only there was more time and less hand cramps, Tad says I could open and ebay or etsy store. It is more of a stress reliever for me so I don't mind that I rarely finish projects. I love homemade/handmade things.
5. I am not a night person. Tad and I are opposites in this (and most other things!). I can fall asleep usually within seconds. I have no preference to sheets, pajamas, mattress firmness; its all the same to me. Just give me a pillow. I like to be in bed at 9pm, but even though that rarely happens, I am super grumpy by 10 so there is no reason to stay up.
6. My favorite job was as an ESL teacher at the MTC. I taught the Spanish class for a while and also had the 'other' class with the students from Eastern Europe, small islands, and where ever. Aside from being the best paying job in Provo, it was a great experience with amazing students. I was a great miracle that I was able to get that wonderfule job and then still have a life as my last semester I had to work Friday and Sat night and I thought my dating life would end. But of course, that is the semester I dated and got engaged to Tad and for some reason was able to stay up much later through that whole process (see #5). He still says I tricked him and am not the same person he dated.


Heather said...

That was fun to learn more about you! I can attest to your crocheting talent--those booties you made for Brian looked so cute!

Suzy said...

Ahh the crochet memories...
also, thanks for the hookups at the MTC. It was the best job in the world, and I owe it all to you :)