Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back from Puerto Rico! (caution-lots of pictures)

We went to Puerto Rico to visit my sister Lisa and her 4 week old baby and left dad and SM at home. We had a lovely time. GJ did great on the flights and even the 4 hour layover in Florida wasn't that bad. We got back late last night though and I had been up since 5am with GJ and his new front tooth so am very tired.
Since you can't do a lot with 2 babies, we didn't get out too much, but we still had a great time. I can't wait till we can go back next year (hopefully) with the whole family. Cousins. No, though Lisa was weary of it, GJ never made an attempt to eat her. Please compare thighs here.
Hermanas We went on a stroller walk in Quebradillas that overlooked the ocean and beach. It was pretty windy though when we weren't in the trees. Palm fronds kept attacking me. After church with Amelia's favorite Aunt. Abuelo holding her for the first time. I had to force him, he was afraid he was going to break her.All bundled up. Getting wet and not sure how he really felt about that. New little family, first time at church. She has the cutest little dresses. Almost makes me want to have a girl! Who wouldn't love to walk out of church to this. GJ chilling at the beach.
GJ and Lisa. He had quadrupled in size since she was with us all summer when he was born.


Jacki said...

What a beautiful little girl! That first picture is priceless. What a great place to call home!

rybern said...

How great that you were able to visit. It's really amazing how little new babies are, especially compared to GM! Good job getting Abuelo to hold the baby.

zeeny said...

How fun...I want to be in the sun! Holding a tiny baby would be nice as well! Glad you're back!

Tim and Angie said...

Cute family, both you and Lisa. I would love an email or address for Lisa if you have it. Girls are fun. I haven't experienced boys yet though.