Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have finally made it to the computer to download pictures for the week. It has been busy!
Tuesday night, my sister-in-law Stephanie came over. Hopefully she had fun entertaining the boys! It was nice as Tad was in class all night and I always need the help. She lives and NC and was coming from FL where they just found a townhome where my brother will be stationed after he comes home from Iraq next month. I am glad we will have a warm place to visit! GJ and dad chilling on Easter Sunday.
The search for eggs. Swinging. Ethan taught him how to do it on his belly. GJ loves playing with the eggs.


zeeny said...

Cute! Glad you had a great Easter! Enjoy all the trips to Florida!

Shawn said...

We already have a warm place to visit. Did you not just get back from Puerto Rico?

Linny said...

Matt talked to his Mom and they've specifically been called to the Atlanta North Mission. All missions for elderly couples are now considered proselyting, they'll get their specific assignments from the mission prez when they get down there!

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