Friday, March 21, 2008

First Haircut

Wow, three posts in one day, its nice to have the day off! I should be cleaning, but instead I am blogging. We finally cut GJ's hair for the first time. He mostly screamed so you don't have to watch the video because its just him crying, but we sure think he is cute! He may look back and think this is cruel and unusual punishment.

If you notice the clothes pins on my shirt, SM's new thing is going around hooking them onto things.


Jacki said...

HA! Sorry for laughing but this is funny! I mean can you blame him? I would be horrified if something the size of my arm, making this horrible scary buzzing sound was coming at my head. I wonder what he is thinking!

Fran said...

Poor guy. I'm a little shaken up myself after seeing him so distressed. I'm sure he looks so cute with his new cut!!